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The foxes of live journal unite as one
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Foxes, what else?
Well now, lets see here, I've opened up a new community for foxes, they're hard to find. Yes, this is a furry community, founded and maintained by furs, I myself am I orange fox, loving every minute of it.

The rules are simple, so listen up.
1. Please, foxes only, thats the whole theme. Kitsunes are also more than welcome, we don't care how many tails you got, the more the better.
2. No flaming or bashing of other peoples likes, dislikes, or otherwise.
3. No trolling, we don't want any trouble. If found trolling, I will ban you, we won't tolerate anything of that sort, so keep it civil.
4. Have fun, all ages are accepted, so feel free to jump right in.
5. The rules can and may change at any time, if they do, I will make a post with the changes.

I guess thats all, have fun, and keep those posts coming.